1. Why do I need to type in my email address?

As a bidder, you will need an email address to receive electronic communications from Little Boy DD Auctions Ltd. These include registration & verification emails, notifications about your bidding, such as when you are outbid by other bidders, you are currently the high bidder, you are the winning bidder etc. as well as your bill statements & invoices.

2. Why should I give my phone number?

In case we need to contact you in the first place in some special circumstances, so we need to keep your phone number for timely communication.

3.Why ask for my driver’s license number?

This information is for user ID verification to prevent any minor from bidding irresponsibly and harming the interests of our registered users.

4.Why should I provide my credit/debit card information?

There are two major reasons why we make such a request. Our business need is the first reason because customers will pay for their buyer’s premium with automatic debit on our Self-Service Auction platform. The other reason is that the card verification acts as a constraint on both our bidders & sellers, hoping that they take their bidding seriously. In this way, we manage to avoid incidents like irresponsible random bidding, no-show for payment & pickup by bidders, or no-show by sellers from Self-Service Auction platform. All these irresponsible behaviours will irrevocably sabotage the interests of other serious bidders, sellers as well as consignors from DD & Angel Auction platforms.

As for the card verification, it’s required by credit card company, not by us. Such verification is to ensure, in a more careful way,  that you are the cardholder himself, not someone else, a kid or what.

A non-refundable $0.99 plus GST will be charged to your card on file after a successful verification. Meanwhile, your email address will receive the verification invoice.

In general, by gathering phone number, driver’s license number as well as card information is for the protection of the cardholders themselves as well as the benefits of bidders & sellers. To a large extent, we can prevent some illegal activities from occurring, for instance, somebody bids with a stolen card or a card he picked up on the street.