M1 Permobil Power Electric Wheelchair And Charger - Lot # 4100

M1 Permobil Power Electric Wheelchair And Charger

Auction Ended

Value of a brand new m1 electric wheel chair is $12,000 and wheel chair was used for 1 month only

Power chair speed is 40kms

Wheelchair has recline option and is adaptable

Comes with bodypoint hip belt, permobil oxygen bottle holder and bag , head support

Front and back reflectors

6 Wheels – two 13″ wheels plus four 7″ wheels

If payment amount is over $150.00, pls e-transfer or pay in person by debit or cash to save 3% convenience fee. Otherwise, 3% convenience fee will be charged when pickup if we get paid by credit or online payment. E-transfer can be emailed to littleboydd.payments@gmail.com

Item condition: Used, Working

Reserve price has not been met

Posted 2 years ago
From Location: 1535 Frederick Street, Brandon, MB, R7A 6Z6, Canada
Subject to 12% Buyers Fee
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