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How to Do Sealed-Bid Auctions

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Please kindly place a bid that you think would most probably make you have the best chance of winning the item you are interested in.

Sealed-Bid Auction

A sealed-bid auction is a process where all bidders place their bids on the lot bidding page, unknowing of what the other has proposed for the item. In this type of bid auction, the highest proposal is usually the winning position.

In this auction type, bidders can get to drop more than one proposal on the same item. For each of the bidder’s  proposal, the bidder will get notified by email. This gives our website a completely different auction experience for registered users.  The winning bid will not be shown until the auction closes.

Sealed bids: Yes

Item condition: New, Working

Posted 10 months ago
From Location: 1535 Frederick Street, Brandon, MB, R7A 6Z6, Canada
Subject to 0% Buyers Fee
Sold By: Little Boy Auction Service Type: DD Auction Category: