How to register?

In order to register, you have to create an account. Click on the Register/Sign in link or the My Account link if you are on the mobile.

Then click Become a Member Now!

Fill your needed information then click register.

How to bid online?

You would click on one of our auction pages Self Service Auction, DD Auction, or Angel Auction. Both DD and Angel Auction run the same way. The only difference is that Angel Auction provides free auctioning services for non-profit organization, churches and charities.

To bid on these pages you click on their titled links then click ‘Details’ on one of available auctions. Then you choose the item you want to place a bid on by either typing or clicking on the – / + buttons go your desired bidding price.

What does “Reserve Price Not Met” mean?

A reserve price is a minimum that allows the auctioning. 

What are your hours of operation?

Little Boy DD Auction Ltd. standard hours are 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM.

Can a bid be retracted?

No. A bid cannot be retracted once placed.

When can the item be viewed?

It is highly encouraged  for bidders to do a manual inspection prior to bidding. Item at the store location can be viewed any time during our hours of operation. If the item is in an off site auction, an appointment will have to be made.

What happens next when I am the highest bidder on a reserved item?

When this happens, we contact the consignor and determine if they are willing to let the item go. You will get a notification should he want to get rid of it. But if you don’t hear from us in 48 hours then you did not get the item(s).

How can I pay for my items?

There are a few ways one can pay: Online, E-transfer, Cash, Debit, Credit, Certified cheque, Bank draft, Wire transfer. Just remember that the standard period for payment is 3 business days inclusive of the closing date of the online auction.

When can I get my items?

All items purchased must be paid within three working days inclusive of the closing date of the online auction in which your offer was accepted or you placed the winning bid and must be picked up within five working days of the online sale closing. Off site auction items will have a designated time frame for pickup, which would be specified on the lot bidding page. Should the items not be picked up within those days, there may be added fees at the company’s sole discretion.  

What is the Buyer’s Premium?

The Buyer’s Premium is a fee that is added to cover the cost of our services, it is not a tax.

Why does the auction close time extend by ten minutes?

If a bid is placed on an item within 10 minutes of the auction closing time, that auction closing time will be extended to 10 minutes after the last bid. The item will close once there has been a 10 minute dormant period of no bidding.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

 Simply go into the Register/ Sign in link and click ‘ forgot my password’ you would then get a notification in your email box for creating a new password.

Why am I blocked from bidding?

There are a few reasons as to why this is happening, and some of those reasons are: Too many outstanding notices, repetitively took too long in retrieving items and also possibility the credit/debit card has expired.

Who can I call for help?

We can be called at 204 728 8808  or email us at to answer any inquiries and concerns you may have.